Our Favoite Sesaon Fall!

Fall to me is a time for family and friends and even a little apple juggling. Well at least my attempt at apple juggling. What I'm hoping will turn into an annual tradition with my sisters family we took on the task of canning 100's and 100's of apples and pears fresh off of her trees! It was a fun and rewarding experience and we had our share of wins and fails along the way! Jelly that didn't quire gel and what we have now affectionately dubbed the desert topping (jelly with waaaayyy to much sugar in the recipe) maybe next time we'll be better at it but for now good times and a great family to spend the harvest season with.

many of the recipes we attempted can be found at http://foodinjars.com/recipe-index/

We did learn if you plan to reduce the sugar in a recipe purchase a low sugar pectin otherwise you get fruit soup :)

Happy FALL and Happy CANNING!

We LOVE Sparklers!!!

It has become a more and more frequent request at our weddings to incorporate sparklers in wedding day photography, and while many photographers are complaining about the idea and the fact that Pinterest has taken over the creative process, I say bring on the challenge!!! We love to incorporate our clients ideas and make them our own. It's a technical and creative challenge that pushes our abilities and makes us grow as artists. So send your inspiration boards and we will take those ideas and make them special to YOUR day!

Now mind you we look awfully funny running around with a sparkler, occasional falling on our derriere but you'll get a good laugh and a great image to boot.

Our Take on Sparklers!

Inspiration Image From Pintrest

Photo Credit - http://lambandlark.com/

Photo Credit - http://lambandlark.com/